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  1. Well, the mix with live action during the quarantine was tricky because, in order to work properly, the footage has to be planned and shot with the animation in mind.
  2. live footage. live footageConceived through the art of improvisation, Topu Lyo plays electric cello, incorporating the use of live loops and a handful of electronics with no pre-recorded samples of any kind.
  3. Aug 10,  · BBC Breakfast has come under fire for a live broadcast of asylum seekers crossing the English Channel (Picture: BBC) BBC Breakfast has been hit with backlash after airing live footage of a.
  4. Live Footage of the Two Buildings That Exploded in Beirut Today. Uploaded 08/04/ in wtf. Two buildings exploded today in Beirut, creating a huge mushroom cloud. Here's what cameras are able to capture at the site of the wreckage. No one knows yet what caused the explosion.
  5. The footage accumulated more than million views only 12 hours after it was posted -- and it was only a small sample of the viral videos recorded during the protests.
  6. Live Footage formed on 4/20 of playing an avante garde modern dance collaboration in Tribeca, NYC. Since we have held a residency in Chinatown's "Apotheke" every sunday. We have toured throughout the United States, Europe and Asia and scored for BMW, Volvo, HBO, BET, UNICEF, Van Cleef and Denny's.
  7. “Live PD had a long-standing policy to only keep footage for a few weeks absent a specific legal request to retain it and all of the departments we followed were aware of that policy,” he.

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