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  1. Psychological Astrology. Showing all 47 results. Karen Hamaker-Zondag Healing the Chiron Wound $ Add to cart. Jason Holley Psychologizing Sect – Aspects $ Add to cart. Chart Interpretation Intermediate and Advanced Psychologizing Sect – Houses $ Add.
  2. Jan 29,  · A psychological astrology reading is guided self-care, love advice, and career counseling in one Looking at my chart, first Dr. Freed notes my sun sign is in Taurus, which is a very, very broad Author: Mary Grace Garis.
  3. Freed explains that much of psychological astrology is based on “archetypes” Jung studied, which are the universal themes that touch human experience, such as mother, father, love, and hate. For Author: Molly Longman.
  4. Psychological astrology provides a unique perspective, allowing greater compassion for and understanding of one's personality. Using Astrology as a Tool for Self-Exploration David Young Ph.D.
  5. Psychological astrology is a combination of psychology and the symbols of astrology. By studying the birth chart it is possible to find out more about yourself. It is helpful for: understanding your difficulties. your personal growth. self-discovery. clarifying your goals.
  6. The CPA provides a unique workshop, seminar and professional training programme, designed to foster the cross-fertilisation of the fields of astrology and depth, humanistic, and transpersonal psychology. The world-renowned Centre for Psychological Astrology was founded by Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas in .
  7. Your Psychological Type. This short chapter describes your typical or characteristic way of responding to situations in life. The rich array of individual attributes portrayed in your birth horoscope is set, as it is with everyone, against the backdrop of a certain temperament bias.
  8. Astrology and Psychology Astrological psychology combines the best of traditional astrological knowledge with modern growth psychology, providing a powerful tool for self-understanding and psychological and spiritual growth. Astrological psychology can .

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